Improve sleep, energy, focus and stamina. Learn about biohacking with balance. Take a tour of a biohackers home, and much more!

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Most of us are stressed out! But, you don't have to be. In this section, you'll learn ways of coping with stress to improve your life from work to sleep and everywhere inbetween.

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Can you use stem cells to regenerate your body and live a longer happier life? Yes, if you wnat to pay thousands of dollars for stem cell therapy. OR, use intermittant fasting and a fasting mimicking diet to stimulate stem cells, for free. What you learn in this section, may shock you.

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Should you be eating wild plants and herbs? You absolutley should, and in this section you'll learn more about what to eat, why and where to find it. Hint, there's a lot in your own backyard!

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Fasting, time restricted feeding, intermitant fasting, keto diets...there's a lot to learn! In this section you'll take a deep dive with some of the world's leading experts on nutrition and diets. What you lean here can literally change your life, proceed with caution.

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Nootropics, better living through science and a whole lot more. Learn what top biohackers already know, which are helping them level up to reach new performance goals and live longer, fuller lives.

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Sleep Training

Learn how to improve your sleep, without the need for prescription medication. If you're on a sleep medication now, our sessions can help you understand strategies for getting off of them to sleep better permanently. As always, speak to your doctor for any prescription changes you'd like to undertake.

Weight Loss

Have a healthy diet, but just can't lose the weight you want? In our session, you'll learn strategies for improving your metabolic flexibility, increasing mitochondrial function, decreasing glycemic variability, and tips for improving your diet. Together, we'll reach your healthy weight goals.

Improve Your Diet

Learn ways of incorporating intermittent fasting/time-restricted eating into your diet. You'll also learn ways of discovering what foods are right for you and what you should avoid (hint, it's not the same for everyone). Learning how what and when to eat will transform your life and the lives of those around you.

Improve Your Life

Take me on a tour of your home and your lifestyle choices, from your morning routine all the way through to when your head hits the pillow. This coaching is highly tailored to meet your needs and improve your quality of life, no matter where you're starting from.

Enhance Memory & Brain Functioning

Learn strategies, herbs, nootropics, and lifestyle changes that will dramatically improve your cognitive performance. Your brain has untapped potential, and if you're suffering from cognitive decline it's time to start turning back the clock.

Improve Your Gut

Learn why taking a probiotic may not be giving you any benefit, and what will help heal your gut from the inside out. From discovering what may be causing your digestive issues, to strengthening your gut to support your health, you'll learn how to transform your gut health and thrive.


Learn from the comfort of your own home, at your own pace and on your own schedule. Some topics we can cover with you, include:

  • Sleep Training
  • Weight Loss
  • How to Improve Your Diet
  • How to Improve Your Life
  • Enhance Memory & Brain Functioning
  • Improve Your Gut
  • Nootropics
  • Pick Your Topic

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