HRV Monitoring Heartmath & Meditation

The evidence is pretty stacked—meditation will indeed make your life better. Why? Because it eliminates stress from your brain and body. And eliminating that stress helps you to ​sleep better, have sharper focus, better decision-making skills, a stronger immune system,Read More

Cold Therapy to Transform Your Biology

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Cold thermogenesis is the practice of intentionally exposing parts of the body to specific levels of cold stress. Years of research now shows this can cause significant increases in metabolism and calorie burning, can increase insulin sensitivity and help controlRead More

Biohacking Exercise – What You Need to Know

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What is Earthing & Why You Need It

Is there science behind earthing and grounding techniques? Yes, and it’s solid enough to make you want to dig your toes into the grass daily. Every chemical reaction, any rearrangement of molecues that happens anywhere ever, involves electrical charges, attraction,Read More

Blue Zones for Learning Longevity

12 Basic & Natural Habits To Enhance Longevity Enter Dan Buettner, author of the book “Blue Zones”. Buettner’s goal while writing his book was to discover certain populations in the world with the highest number of centenarians (people who liveRead More

Energy Focus Stamina Sleep & More

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Biohack Your Detox With Niacin & Infrared Saunas

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Learn About Biohacking With Balance

Biohackers as a group and I write this with the utmost respect to these people of whom I am proudly a member, are often high-intensity people who want to integrate all the hacks into our lives. What I want youRead More

Ketosis Diet Workouts Smart Phones & More

04:00 Ben hunts his own meat. 08:29 After killing an animal, Ben says a prayer, thanking the animal and thanking the earth. When pulling the trigger or releasing the arrow, your ancestral brain is in charge. 13:09 Ben and hisRead More